Recline Ridge EcoPark

Recline Ridge Eco Park is a vibrant, 160-acre business facility, which provides a synergistic research & development environment for agricultural tech companies and environmental tech companies.

Our approach promotes the development of a circular economy, in which one company's waste outputs become another company's valuable inputs- increasing the efficiency of the entire group of companies.

Recline Ridge Eco Park

is committed to increasing the potential growth of Canadian agribusiness, environmental technology and related companies

We provide a supportive development environment including: office space, warehouse, greenhouse, land for operations, and Research & Development

We work with complementary companies on Rearch & Development and production- as well as opportuities for potential venture partnerships.

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The Property

160 acres of property nestled in beautiful Tappen Valley

8 Buildings: Commercial and Office

“A Family-owned, green corporation that advances an ecological economy initiative, cherishing nature, future generations and consciously giving back”

Our Partners

The Llama Sanctuary

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Recline Ridge EcoPark



1315 Tappen Valley Road, Tappen BC, V0E 2X3

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Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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